Rate Schedule

Fee Schedule:
$55.00 per “standard” billable hour (7 days or more notice)
$65.00 per “expedited” billable hour (less than 7 days' notice)
$75.00 per “rush” billable hours (less than 72 hours' notice)
$90.00 per “emergency” billable hours (less than 24 hours' notice)
Mileage: $0.58 per mile, plus parking

Billing Policy

  • BillingOn the 1st and 15th of every month, UMBRA may elect to forward a billing invoice to CLIENTS for fees earned and costs incurred by email or other electronic method. 
  • Payment:  CLIENTS shall submit payment of the billing invoice to UMBRA within 10 days of the date of electronic invoicing.
  • Change of Rate or Billing Policy:  UMBRA shall give CLIENTS 30 days advance notice of any change in billing rate or policy.  All services provided prior to the expiration of the 30 days shall be at the prior rate.  All service performed thereafter shall be governed by the new rates and policy, without necessity of CLIENT’S written acceptance or acknowledgement of the change in rates and/or policy.
  • Interest for Late Payments:Interest shall accrue at a rate of 10% per year from the date incurred until paid.  Upon said timely payment, UMBRA shall waive and forgive any interest accrued during the first 10 days.  Failure to make such timely payment constitutes a material breach and grounds for immediate termination of the UMBRA-client relationship, and incurs compound interest at a rate of 10% per annum from time fee/cost incurred until said amount are paid.
  • Billing IncrementsUMBRA shall bill at increments of 0.1 per hours (or 6 minutes), which are rounded up to the next tenth of an hour.
  • Billable Time:  UMBRA is entitled to bill for any and all actual time spent with, attributed to, associated with, connected to and/or invested in the CLIENT and any matter related thereto, including, but not limited to, introductory processes, consultations, initial contact discussions, file set-up time, preparing billing,  review, preparation of pleading or reports, researching, discussion with or between other UMBRA attorneys advancing the CLIENT matter, scheduling, determination of availability, confirmation of matter remaining on calendar, performance of any secretarial or support staff function, transmission of product by mail or electronic media, travel time, waiting time, time away from the office or other UMBRA business on CLIENT’s behalf or necessitated by performance on behalf of CLIENT
  • Costs, Fees and Expenses PaymentsUMBRA does not charge costs for phone, fax, computer research or routine mail. Any travel costs, parking, and bulk mail are charged at actual cost. UMBRA is authorized to incur routine and/or minor reasonable outside reader costs and expenses in performing legal services under this Agreement without prior consent of CLIENTS, but will endeavor to avoid such situations.  CLIENTS agree to reimbursement UMBRA for all said expenses.  Payment of all costs and expenses are due within 10 days of demand by UMBRA.    
  • No Malpractice InsuranceCLIENTS hereby acknowledges awareness that UMBRA has no malpractice insurance coverage.
  • Disposition of Closed File:   CLIENTS must assume full care, custody and control of their file or any material within UMBRA’s possession within 10 days of the conclusion of the specific assignment, case and/or relationship, whichever occurs first. 
  • File Closed Immediately Without Notice:  CLIENTS acknowledge that all related material  shall be automatically deemed closed contemporaneous therewith, and without any formal notice to CLIENTS. 
  • Return of File to CLIENTSAll costs or time associated with copying and/or returning any file material necessitated by any CLIENTS’ request shall be borne by CLIENTS.  UMBRA reserves the right to keep a duplicate copy of any part of the entire file. 
  • No Notice to CLIENTS of File Destruction/No Duty to Store File:
    CLIENTS hereby agree that UMBRA has no duty to advise CLIENTS of the file destruction and/or to store or in any way maintain closed files.  UMBRA is expressly authorized by CLIENTS to dispose of, and/or destroy any closed file at UMBRA's discretion and own costs, after expiration of the 10 day post-closing waiting period set forth above.
  • Confidentiality:  UMBRA and CLIENTS agree to maintain and protect all communications and material of CLIENTS and UMBRA in accordance with State Bar Rules governing attorney-client relationships and confidences.
  • Indemnification:  CLIENTS shall hold harmless, indemnify and defend UMBRA, its employees, agents, successors and assigns, from any and all claims, causes of action, costs and expenses with respect to all actions, liability, loss, damages, suits, omissions, and/or other conduct related to and/or arising out of the underlying case, including UMBRA’s product and services on behalf of CLIENT, including reasonable attorney’s fees and/or cost.
  • Independent UMBRA Status:  UMBRA is an independent contractor, and not an employee of CLIENTS.